Classes will be held on Fridays for an hour at 11:00am for 6 weeks starting March 3rd not including March 17th (Spring Break)

Cost: $108. Each additional sibling is $90.

Class minimum is 4 and limited to 8 students max

Below is a brief idea of what will be covered in these classes.  Keep in mind all classes may be modified somewhat to accommodate differences in students

1st Class (Music Basics)

  • What is music?
  • Three primary aspects of music, melody, rhythm, harmony
  • Explain the musical alphabet
  • Instrument ranges (treble/bass clefs)
  • Notes, chords, qualities of chords (major-minor)
  • Music genres (Classical Jazz Rock Bluegrass Blues etc.)
  • Instrument introduction…. students will get to play drums, guitar, piano, bass, banjo, violin, trumpet, microphone

2nd Class

  • Introduction to rhythm
  • Building the musical staff
  • Counting…things come in 4’s (for now)
  • Learn the names of each drum and cymbal on a drum set
  • Learning a basic rock drum beat
  • What is a time signature?

3rd Class

  • Introduction to piano (if students has a small keyboard they can bring it)
  • Learn basics of whole, half, quarter etc
  • Formula for a major scale
  • Find middle C

4th Class

  • Music history
  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Naming the parts that make up the guitar
  • Learn a few basic chords and strumming basics
  • What is a whole step and a half step on guitar
  • How to tune
  • Open notes (Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie)

5th Class

  • Putting together a band, orchestra
  • Students will divide themselves up according to their instrument of interest.
  • Learn easy chord pattern.  With drums, guitar and bass
  • Practice rhythms on congas

6th Class

  • Concert?